Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tot School - Teddy Bears

Teddy Bear Theme

When Little Sweets broke her leg she was given a teddy bear at the hospital. She loves her teddy bear so I thought it would be fun to do a teddy bear theme. Here are some of our activities.

Teddy Bear Color Cards

I found these cards in my kindergarten teaching tub and I thought Little Sweets would enjoy looking at them. We talked about the color of the bears shirts as she spread the cards out on the carpet.

Clothespin Color Activity

While I was looking through the tools for tots on the 1+1+1=1 website I found these tools called colored disks. I adapted the idea to fit into my theme. I clolored clothespins and had Little Sweets match the color of the clothespin with the correct bear. She had trouble putting on the clothespins so I had to help her. This will be a good activity to help with fine motor skills as she gets older.

Our Bear Cave

This was our bear cave we made. Little Sweets enjoyed getting inside and knocking it down. : )
Sorting Gummy Bears by Color

Little Sweets put the gummy bears in the dixie cups according to their color.

Teddy Bear Turn Around

I sang the song; Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn Around and did the motions. Little Sweets had her Teddy Bear do the motions too. This is a great song to teach about following directions.

Playing with her Bears

These are few pictures of Little Sweets engaging in dramatic play with her Teddy Bears.

Counting Teddy Bears

I changed the words to the song; One Little, Two Little Indians to One Little, Two Little Teddy Bears and we sang the song as we counted the bears.

Homemade Teddy Bear Touch and Feel Book

I made a teddy bear touch and feel book for Little Sweets. She likes looking at it and feeling the different textures. I made a soft bear from felt, a smooth bear by covering a bear shaped piece of construction paper with contact paper, and a bumpy bear by covering bear shaped piece of construction paper with bubble wrap. I was going to make a rough bear using sandpaper, but never got to it.

Sorting Bears by Size

I cut out two different size bear shapes and had Little Sweets sort them. We talked about the difference between the bears before we started the activity. This was the first time I did a size sorting activity. I think she did pretty well.

Other Activities

Homemade Counting and Patterning Tool

Little Sweets worked on her fine motor skills as she put the beads on the rod.

I made this tool for her last week. To learn how to make this math tool please go here.

Playing in the Sprinkler

Little Sweets spent some time playing in the sprinkler.
Pouring Activity

While I was cooking dinner Little Sweets lined up some dixie cups and took a glass of water that she found and poured the water into the cups. I looked up just in time to see the mess she was making. I had to take a picture because it was such a smart activity that she came up with all by herself.

Pouring Activity

Since this was such a cute idea I decided I would let her do the pouring outside, where it didn't matter if she made a mess.

Story and Art Activity- Little Kipper's Butterfly

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Getting in His Word Wednesday- Daniel and the Lions Den

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  1. Your theme is so cute and you came up with so many great ideas! I really like the texture book.

  2. Great theme! I so wish I could do themes, but they're just not me.

  3. What a great week! I love the touch and feel book you made :-)

  4. You've given me so many great ideas! Snuggle Bug adores teddy bears so she would love all of these ideas.

  5. What a fun theme! It looks like she had a blast this week :-)

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