Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rock Project

Rock Project

Over the last week I have been working on a rock project with my  2 1/2 year old and 5 year old.  The girls have been very interested in rocks and they absolutely loved these activities. 
 Little Peanut Sorting Rocks Big and Small

 photo 8358a167-3885-40a6-a650-ab4dbfda7638_zpsf94eb6ea.jpg

 Sorting by Color
I didn't get a picture of Little Peanut doing this activity, but here is what it looked like when she was finished.
 photo bb72b5a0-04ee-457c-a002-9faefdcdc704_zpsa51f1cb7.jpg
 Counting and Measurement using a Scale
Little Peanut is measuring/counting how many cubes her rock weighs. 
 photo 9807150a-1be4-4c15-b14a-c5b060cc1ae6_zps9dc5fccf.jpg

Little Sweets is doing the same thing.  She also had to estimate how many cubes her rock weighed and record her findings on a worksheet.  I got the worksheet here.
 photo 5d8ee6e8-5d80-4526-a75e-05fce6c94108_zps50c2444e.jpg
 photo 56374862-3847-499f-959e-f52abdb82c82_zps1a5eab3c.jpg

 Writers Workshop- Describing Words
Together we came up with words we could use to describe different rocks.  Little Sweets helped me write the words on the board.  She picked a rock to write about and wrote about it in her journal.  (She usually includes a princess in all her drawings.  This princess had an amethyst jewel in her crown.)
 photo f4cc9819-dd15-4cf9-bd6b-e5429548b856_zps87b30bd3.jpg
 (Shiny, purple, rock)
 photo 65cc2535-75f4-4e24-b2bb-4bf2a595e7c1_zpsee5e48dd.jpg

Sensory Box/ Rock Identification
Little Sweets found rocks in her sensory box.  We used the rocks and cards from her game Rock On.
 photo 44aa3841-2c44-4ce7-b614-d33f59cc6a5c_zps9ee28c91.jpg
 photo 5f7484a4-24e0-4808-be37-603683c7f435_zpsb1ea9be0.jpg

 We also found some Mica when we were hiking up in the mountains a few weeks ago.  Here she is using a book from the library to identify the rock. 

 photo 72d6ca00-17a5-4e64-924d-6847f3066788_zps98558fc8.jpg
 photo 78127aea-6767-4bce-9c52-1199f17f3140_zpsb9923c0e.jpg

Language Arts
 We use guided reading as part of our Language Arts curriculum.  I got these books from Reading A to Z.  The first book was her guided reading book that she read to me.  The second book is also a guided reading book but is intended for third graders.  I used it as a read aloud.  It had tons of interesting facts about gems. 

 photo afeab0bc-b266-4838-bb49-98e2d6f14727_zpsf288020d.jpg

 Little Sweets drew a picture of her favorite rock and answered questions about it.  I got the worksheet here.
 photo IMG_20130816_104854_zps50d8446c.jpg

Rock Salt Experiment
The girls are helping me make rock salt.  We are still waiting for the water to evaporate.

 photo f7ddf97a-b882-4725-af11-da9e7edfe932_zps4741469f.jpg
 photo ba96f2e5-eafa-4b57-aa22-68f9f1e143b5_zps26a3d759.jpg

Little Sweets has really been into maps lately.  Here she is identifying where gems are found around the world and placing a picture of the gem on the world map.  (She had some help from mommy. )

 photo a2ab9b03-b9c5-4684-96b9-6828cf18138e_zps086d5ad9.jpg

Spooning Rocks into an Ice Cube Tray
Little Peanut is working on her fine motor skills as she spoons the rocks into the ice cube tray.
 photo b20b2a50-40cb-4983-86f0-424c1e2e7f7e_zpsb27eab32.jpg

Counting Cards
Little Peanut is placing a rock on top of the counter on the card.
 photo d3ad82b4-0c6c-4b95-9b3d-6d02d4eb684c_zpsf3766754.jpg
 Rocks as Math Manipulatives

  Little Sweets used her rocks to help solve addition problems.
 photo a06ac41e-6ded-428e-a193-2f8023deb236_zps3074bdca.jpg

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Homeschool Classroom/Playroom

Our Homeschool Classroom/Playroom

This is our classroom/playroom.  My husband built the shelving and the bench for the room. We  got the cabinets from Lowes. We made the bench cushions out of plywood, foam, and fabric. I love it because we store the toys inside the cabinets and it adds extra seating.  I got the idea for the seating here. 
 photo e748caf6-cca6-40a4-b662-4c0d10c42188_zpsc652541a.jpg
This is where I display the girls work.  I got the idea here.
 photo 9dcb26e2-af26-44fa-8264-c22df736c8cf_zps3f999b9c.jpg
 photo f003d0b9-ba0b-4e68-aae0-a94dfdbb0c3c_zpsa612b20f.jpg
Little Peanuts Tot Trays
 photo 313cee71-8443-448f-917e-33e79069e7e8_zpsa3b7af85.jpg
Little Sweets Workboxes 
We just started using these.  I love them because they keep me organized and are easy to store. I put the items Little Sweets needs to do for each subject in the boxes.  Here is a great tutorial if you want to learn more about workboxes.
(These are scrapbooking storage boxes. I bought 4 for about $15.00.  They were on sale and I used my homeschool teacher discount.  I got them from Michaels.) 
 photo 89fb2d76-280e-4bad-a24e-9b76efbe01b6_zpsc9a545b9.jpg

Storage Closet in the Classroom

 photo 251239ce-3f67-42ac-8590-d0696ff6f02b_zps6b732728.jpg
Storage in the Garage.
I know it looks messy, but I know where everything belongs.  : )
 photo b23834f3-8a79-4df3-976d-026f3bb4c97f_zps5b2562b3.jpg

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