Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Apple Unit Part 1 2012

Our Apple Unit
20 months
4 1/2 years

Sorting by Color
Little Peanut enjoyed sorting the paper apples by color.  

Apple Math Puzzle
Little Sweets put this apple puzzle together.  I got the puzzle from here.  I added 0's to the numbers so she could practice counting by 10's instead of 1's.

We used our teddy bear counters to measure how much a piece of apple weighed.

We used unifix cubes to measure the height of the apple.

Little sweets recorded the answers.  

Little Sweets showed me where the flower the apple grew out of was on the apple.

Little Peanut colored apples.

Little sweets colored op words red and it words green

Little Sweets labeled the plant parts.  I got this from here.

Our Fall Sensory Bin

Little Peanut scooping and pouring.  

Apple Life Cycle
Little Sweets did an apple sequencing worksheet.