Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tot School Week 6-April Showers

I have included two weeks worth of activies since we were out of town last week and I did not put up a post. Our theme was April Showers. We also did some other activities as well.

April Showers Activities

Rain Boot Matching Game

Little Sweets really enjoyed this game. I drew and colored pictures of rain boots. I scanned the picture into my computer and printed out two sets of rain boots. I cut out one set and had Little Sweets match the boots to the other set of boots on the page. When she is older I will have her match the left and right boot without using the other page.

Umbrella Number Activity

I made pictures of umbrellas with numbers on them, cut them out, and placed them in numerical order. I helped Little Sweets point to the numbers as I said them.

When she is older I will do this activity again and have her put the umbrellas in numerical order and identify the numbers on the umbrellas.

Raindrop Alphabet

I created a raindrop alphabet and pasted the letters to clothespins. I put up the alphabet and we sang the alphabet song. I was hoping to put up Little Sweets name and go over the letters in her name, but she got distracted by the alphabet song on the CD we were listening to. I plan on doing this activity again when she is a little older. There are so many other activities I want to do with these letters.

If you would like to download The Rain Boot Game, The Umbrella Number Activity, or Raindrop Alphabet for free please go here.

Other Activities

Getting in His Word Wednesday- Resurrection Eggs

This was our Getting in His Word Wednesday Activity. To learn more about this activity go here.

Math Activity

I picked up this number puzzle from The Dollar Store. Little Sweets loves puzzles.

Field Trip- Florida and the Fair

We took a field trip to Florida and visited Little Sweet's great grandpa and great aunt. Little Sweets really enjoyed spending time with them. While we were visiting we went to the fair. Little Sweets saw animals and rode her first fair rides. She rode on the merry go round with mommy and the flying helicopters with daddy.

Week 2

Getting in the Word Wednesday Activity-Sheep Handprints

To read more about our Bible story, activity,and blog hop please go here.

stART- Chicka, Chicka, 123

We read the story Chicka, Chicka, 123 by Bill Martin to read more about this activity and story please go here.

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