Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun Frugal Friday- Homemade Counting Tool

This week I wanted to share a counting tool that I made for Little Sweets.  I took a large piece of wood and had it cut into 5 pieces around the same size.  Then I wrote a number from one to five on the top of each piece of wood.  I used a drill to drill the number of holes needed for each block of wood.  Little Sweets will be putting golf tees inside each of the holes.  I intend on using this tool to teach counting, number recognition, and fine motor skills.

* Please note I will supervise Little Sweets as she plays with this new toy.  The tees are small and a bit sharp and I wouldn't want her to get hurt.  Please use parental supervision if you make this activity. 


  1. How very clever. At 67 years of age I learned something today. Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower and I invite you to look over my blog and perhaps become one yourself

  2. I love this idea! Maybe you could sand the sharp end down to make it smoother.

  3. I enjoyed your blog
    Hopefully you'll appreciate mine also
    God Bless, Bob West

  4. What a great idea. This has definitely been bookmarked and added to the "must do" list. Last Friday's idea of the counting/patterning tool was also a winner. Thanks for sharing them both with us!

  5. What a great tool! Love this idea!

  6. This is great! Love natural learning tools like this. :)

    Counting Coconuts