Monday, March 28, 2011

Morning Board Activity

Morning Board

This is our Morning Board Activity that I am doing with Little Sweets.  She is 2 1/2. 

Here is an explanation of our board and activities.
  • We talk about the color of the week and then spell the color.  We sing a song to go with the color.  You can find the color songs here.   
  • We have a word of the week.  This is usually a word that Little Sweets sees a lot in books she reads or is found in environmental print.
  • Little Sweets counts as high as she can and we record the number.  I will eventually have her write the number.
  • We look at our calendar and talk about the date, sing the days of the weeks song which can be found here, and we talk about what tomorrow's day is and yesterday was. 
  • Each week we talk about a character trait and I read a bible verse to go with the character trait.  ( We usually read a bible story and do an activity that also goes with the character trait.)
  • We pray for someone during this time. 
  • We talk about the letter of the week and Little Sweets puts up pictures of items that start with that letter.  ( I used the consonant cards from this website.)
  • We also talk about the weather outside.  I sing the weather song found here and Little Sweets puts up a picture on the weather board.  You can get the weather board from here.
Storage Idea:  ( I  pasted some activities on envelopes so that we could keep the pieces all together.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

tot school letter j

Tot School
Letter J
33 Months

J is for Jonah
This week our character trait was obedience.  We read the story of Jonah and the whale and talked about the importance of obeying God.  I copied  the pictures for the Bible Story out of Sunday School Curriculum I have called More Toddlerific Fun Faith-Builders.  Then I cut, colored, and laminated the pictures.  I put a paper clip on the end of the pictures and Little Sweets fished for the story.  She loved this activity.  We did it several times throughout the week.   

J is for Jumping
I wrote numbers in an egg carton.  We put a pom pom in the egg carton and shook it up.  Little Sweets opened the  carton and told me the number the pom pom landed on.  Then she jumped that many times.  (Next time I will use a marble instead of a pom-pom.)

J is for Jelly Beans
I created an addition mat for Little Sweets to use.  She picked out a number card from a stack cards. She identified the number and put in on the mat.  Then she counted out that many jelly beans.  Then she picked another card and did the same thing.  I explained that we were adding and needed to count how many jelly beans there were altogether.  She counted them and found the correct number to put after the equals sign.  She really enjoyed this activity especially since she got to eat jelly beans.

Letter J Fine Motor Activities
Little Sweets painted a "J" using water.

Little Sweets put stickers on a letter "J"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tot School Letter I

Tot School- Letter I
33 months

I is for inch worms
Little Sweets enjoyed sorting inch worms by color and size.  She also put the worms in order from biggest to smallest. 

Counting and Number Recognition
Little Sweets counted the worms on the sheet and matched them with the correct number.  I found this activity at COHS here

Sorting Capital and Lower Case I's
I found this activity here at COHS.

Character Trait- Helpfulness
This week we talked about being helpful and having helping hands.  We read the story of Ruth and talked about how she helped Naomi. We talked about how God wants us to help others. We also talked about having helping hands we used the hand we had traced from last weeks lessons and wrote different ways Little Sweets helps mommy.

Calendar Time and Morning Board
Little Sweets and I have started doing morning board and calendar activities together.  I will put up another post describing the activities. 

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Tot School 33 months- Letter " H" Activities

Letter "H"
33 months

Letter "H"  Book
Little Sweets got a box of books as a gift.  Each book in the box has one letter on it and on each page it has a picture of something that starts with that letter.  Little Sweets loves looking at these books.  We started our tot school lessons by looking at the letter "H" book.  Little Sweets told me what the pictures were and we talked about the sound the letter "H" makes. 

Letter "H" Picture Sort
Little Sweets helped me identify pictures that start with the letter "H." 

Patterning with Heart Erasers
I picked up these heart erasers in the dollar section at Target. I made different patterns with the erasers and Little Sweets told me what the pattern was and added more erasers to extend the pattern. 

Visual Discrimination
I picked up this bulletin border at the dollar store.  I cut up one piece of border and had Little Sweets match the cut up pieces to a piece that was uncut. 

Hand Puzzle
This is a cute puzzle.  Each puzzle piece has a number on it that matches the number of dots on the puzzle board.  Little Sweets counted the dots on the puzzle board and then matched it with the correct puzzle piece. 

Stamp Number Cards
I wrote different numbers on index cards and Little Sweets stamped hearts on the cards. (I made circles to help her put the correct number of stamps on the card.) 

Size Sequencing Using Hand Stencils
I traced everyone's hand in our family.  Then I cut the hands out.  Little Sweets put the hand stencils in order from largest to smallest. Little Sweets loved that the hand stencils were made from her family's hands.

I picked up these foam hearts last year at the dollar tree.  I made a graph and Little Sweets added the hearts to the graph.  Little Sweets told me how many red hearts, purple hearts, and pink hearts were on the graph.  The we talked about most and least.

Ideas from other Blogs and Websites
Letter "H" Hunt
I found this activity here.  Little Sweets circled the "H"'s on the page.   

Capital and Lowercase Sort
I found this on the confessions of a homeschooler blog.  You can get the activity here.  Little Sweets sorted the capital and lower case "H"s.

Size Sequence
I also found this at the confessions of a homeschooler blog.  You can get this activity here.  Little Sweets sorted the hearts largest to smallest. 

Another fun activity was playing dress-up.  A day doesn't go by that Little Sweets hasn't put on her dress-up clothes.  She is wearing dress-up clothes in most of the pictures. 

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