Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tot Tuesday Fun with Ribbon

Tot Tuesday

Little Peanut loves pulling wipes out of the box.  Instead of wasting wipes I tied some ribbon together that I picked up at the dollar tree and put it in the wipes box.  Little Peanut loved it!  I also have seen other bloggers tie fabrics together.  I've even thought about tying together my husbands mismatched socks.  : )

As with any activity involving children parental supervision is advised. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun Frugal Friday Linky Party

Link up your fun, frugal, kid-friendly, activities here!!

This Friday I am starting a new Linky Party- Fun Frugal Friday Linky Party. This will be a place where bloggers can feature their fun, frugal, kid-friendly activities. I hope you will come join us as we link up and share ideas with others.


·         Link up frugal kid friendly activities, games, or crafts.  Please no promos or giveaways.

·         Link up your exact post not your home page.  Your posts can be old or new.  (please no more than 3 per week)

·         Please link back to this blog by adding a text link or adding the Fun Frugal Friday button to your post or sidebar. 

·         Each week I will feature 2 posts from the previous week.  Some posts will be chosen at random or by theme. 

·         Have fun linking and if you get a chance comment on some other links.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting in the Word Wednesday

Fruit of the Spirit- Kindness

This week we are working on kindness.  Little Sweets and I read and talked about the story of the Good Samaritan.  We talked about being kind to others and Little Sweets gave examples of how she is kind to others.  I made a kindness board.  When I see her doing something kind I write it down on a sticky note and put it up on the board.  I am trying to help her understand better the concept of kindness.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentines Math Printables

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I have created some fun Valentines math printables for my math units.  You can download them for free.

Valentines Math Unit

Math Standards Addressed

  • Identifying Ordinal Numbers First Through Fifth
  • Displaying Information on a Graph
  • Interpreting Information on a Graph
  • Adding Whole Numbers
  • Introducing Line of Symmetry

Each download of these activities is for personal use in your home or in your classroom. Please do not sell or host the files on your website without my permission. Please link back to my website if you blog about these activities so others may also have the opportunity to download the activities. 
Most and Least
Laminate and cut the cards apart.  Have your child place a clothespin on the rectangle with the most or least hearts.  You can download heart cards for this activity here.

Heart Addition Cards
Laminate and cut apart the cards and have your child place a clothespin on the correct answer.  You can down load the cards for this activity here .

Heart Graph
Cut apart the hearts and place them in the correct spot on the graph.  Then answer the questions.
You can also use this graph with candy hearts.  You can download this activity here.

Heart Symmetery
Laminate and cut apart the hearts.  Have your child put the hearts back together. You can download this activity here.

Ordinal Number Practice

Color the correct heart the correct color.  You can download this activity here.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Tot School/ Preschool Winter Theme Week 3

Preschool and Tot School
43 months & 12 months

Playdough Snowman
Little Sweets made a snowman out of homemade playdough.

Patterning with Snowflake Ornaments
I picked these up for 75% off after Christmas.  We used them to decorate for Little Peanuts
One-derland party and are now using them for school.  Little Sweets made and extended patterns with these.

 Sight Word Book
Little Sweets is reading a sight word book I wrote for her.  I plan to put these up on my blog soon.

Puzzle Time
Little Sweets and I put together a Fancy Nancy puzzle.

Little Sweets wanted to write a postcard to daddy.  She used her sight words for help.  We added love to the sight word list.

Touch and Feel Books
Little Peanut loves her touch and feel books.  I love this picture.  She really enjoyed scratching and touching the sandpaper page. 

Looking at Books
I truly believe the love of reading starts at an early age and I encourage people to read with their children and let them explore books early.  Little Peanut loves her books. 

Snow Sensory Bin
I have been trying to come up with something for the sensory bin this month and have had a difficult time.  I picked up some fake snow, but read the warning on the bag and decided not to use it.  I didn't want to spend money and that's when I remembered our paper shredder and all the paper that needed to shredded and thrown out.  Little Sweets loved playing in the paper with her polly pockets. 

Sight Word Snowman
I printed this from the prekinders website last year.  I wrote sight words on the page and Little Sweets covered them up with pattern blocks.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Preschool and Tot School More Winter Activities

Preschool and Tot School
43 months and 11 months

Snowman Puzzle
Little Sweets is putting a snowman puzzle together.  You can get this free here.

Lacing Cards

 Snowflake Tic Tac  Toe
Little Sweets and I took turns flipping over snowflake cards.  Little Sweets counted the number of snowflakes on the card and covered the up the correct number on her board.  I also covered up the correct number.  The first person to have three numbers covered diagonally, across, or down won the game.  You can get this game here

In and Out

Little Peanut put pegs inside her box and took them out.  She loves this game.

It the Tube

Little Peanut loves putting the pegs in the toilet paper tube. 

Making a Sensory Bottle for Little Peanut

Little Sweets helped me make a sensory bottle for her sister.  She put beads and glitter in a bottle filled with colored water.  

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting in His Word Wednesday- Fruit of the Spirit Patience

Fruit of the Spirit -Patience

This week we are talking about patience.  I explained that patience means waiting without whining or complaining.  To help Little Sweets better understand this concept I gave her a present and a timer.  I set the timer and told her she had to wait patiently (without whining or complaining) until the timer went off before she could open the present.  After the time went off she opened her present.  I think this helped Little Sweets better understand the idea of patience.  I am sure it will come up in everyday conversations and at different teachable moments throughout the day, but now I can remind her about the lesson and what it means to be patient. 

We also reviewed some of the other fruits of the spirit and watched this cute video on youtube.    

Snowball Sight Words

Snowball Sight Words

Last week Little Sweets played a snowball sight word game that I had created for her.  I wrote sight words on circles, taped them to the wall, and had Little Sweets throw a snowball (piece of balled up paper, or a balled up white sock) at the words.  She read the words she hit.  She enjoyed this game so much that she decided she would write the sight words on circles and tape them to the wall.  I love when she extends activities on  her own.  It is so exciting to see how much she is learning and that she is excited about learning. 

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For the Kids Friday

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tot School & Preschool Winter Activities

Tot School & Preschool
Little Sweets 42 months Little Peanut 11 months

Sorting Foam Winter Animals and Shapes
Picked these up on sale 75% off at Michaels.  Little Sweets sorted them and glued them onto a picture.

Painting with Salt Water to Make Snowflakes
I boiled water and added epsom salts.  The salt dissolved and once it cooled Little Sweets painted onto her picture.  After the water drys it looks like snowflakes on the page. 

Playing with Ice
We had a large piece of ice in our backyard. Little Sweets was examining it and playing with it.

Sight Word Snowball Game
Little Sweets threw the snowball at the word and read the word she hit. (The snowball was a piece of paper.)

These math activities come from a math curriculum I created for Little Sweets.  You can download the activities here.   

Comparing Snowflakes
Little Sweets flipped two cards over, compared the number of snowflakes on each card, and put the cards in the column marked most or least.

Numerical Order
Little Sweets put the cards in numerical order.

Snowball Measurement
Little Sweets counted how many snowballs tall each penguin was and put the number magnet on the blank. 

Graphing Penguins

Sweets put the penguins on the correct columns on the graph.  She told me how many penguins were in each column. This is also part of my winter math unit I created.

Which is Different?
Little Sweets pointed out the picture that was different.

Snowman Sequencing
Little Sweets put the snowman in order from tallest to smallest.

Fine Motor Fun
Little Peanut put pom pom balls into a small hole I cut in a frosting container.  She was actually very good at this. 

"Yay, Little Peanut, you did a great job!"  Little Sweets encouraging Little Peanut.  It was so sweet. 

Hanging out in their tent together.  I love that they can play together now. 

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My Preschool Math Curriculum- Winter Math Printables

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Winter Math Activities

I have created a preschool math curriculum for Little Sweets and I am excited to share this curriculum with you.  Each month I will be posting a new theme with new activities.  This month our theme is Winter. 

Winter Math Unit

Math Standards Addressed
  • Counting
  • Identifying Numerals
  • Sorting and Classifying
  • Size Sequencing
  • Displaying Information on a Graph
  • Interpreting Information on a Graph
  • Measuring using Nonstandard Units of Measurement
  • Comparing Sizes
  • Describing and Extending Patterns

Each download of these activities is for personal use in your home or in your classroom.   Please do not sell or host the files on your website without my permission.  Please link back to my website if you blog about these activities so others may also have the opportunity to download the activities. 

Snowflake Comparison Game
Little Sweets flipped over two cards with snowflakes on it.  She compared the cards and put the card with the most snowflakes in the column marked most and the snowflake with the least snowflakes in the column marked least.  You can download this activity here.

Penguin Measurement Activity
Little Sweets counted how many snowballs tall the penguins were and put the answer in the blank.  You can download this here.

Numerical Order
Little Sweets put the numbers in order from least to greatest.
I used the same cards from the most and least activity for this game.

Penguin Graph
Little Sweets put the penguin pictures on the graph.  She told me which had the greatest the fewest and the same number of penguins.   You can download this here

Snowman Sequence
Little sweets put the snowman in order from biggest to smallest.
You can download this activity here.

Which is different?
Little Sweets told me which picture in each row was different.
You can download this here.

Tic Tac Toe
This game is intended for more than one player.  Each player turns over a card counts the snowflakes Each player places a marker over that number on their cards.  The player that covers three numbers diagonally, down, or across wins.  You can download this activity here.

Little Sweets sorts the snowman by size.  You can get download this activity here.

Winter Pattern Cards
Little Sweets identifies the pattern and extends it using the cards.  You can down load this activity here.

Snowman Puzzle
Put the snowman back together and use the numbers to help.  You can download this here.