Thursday, April 22, 2010

StARt- Counting in the Garden and Coffee Filter Flowers

This week we read the book Counting in the Garden by Kim Parker and made coffee filter flowers. 

It is a very cute book and a great counting book. Little Sweets counts with me and then tries to count herself. It usually sounds something like this "2,2,2,9."   : )  I am sure she will eventually start counting. 

We made coffee filter flowers to go with the book. We colored the filters two different ways.

We used food coloring and water to make the first set of flowers. Little Sweets and I put drops of food coloring in water. Then Little Sweets filled a medicine dropper with the colored water and put drops on the filter. We let them dry and then I made them look more like flowers.  I thought this would be a great activity since I had done it with my preschoolers who were 3, 4, and 5 years old.  I forgot Little Sweets is not even 2 yet.  She thought it was more fun to pour the cups of water onto the ground instead of coloring the filters.  That's when I remembered reading on the DLKT website about using markers to color the filters.  So we decided to use markers to color the rest of the flowers.

We colored the other coffee filters with washable markers and sprayed them with water to make the colors smear. I liked coloring the filters this way better because it made less of a mess and was much more age appropriate.

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  1. very cute! I just completed our veggie wash & have an empty bottle - I have have to try this out! thanks for sharing! :)

  2. lol - My 21 month old would have a blast pouring out the water too! She also loves "counting" which sounds suspiciously a lot like her "ABC's". :) Fun outdoor craft!

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  4. I love how you made it less messy. The flowers are great!

  5. How cute!! We have done the coffee filter part before, but it never occurred to me to make them into flowers! Great Idea:)

  6. They turned out very pretty! Good idea with the markers and waterbottle. It's a fun way to build hand strength too.

  7. We just did the same thing a few days ago, the coffee filter part, that is.

  8. I love the coffee filter flowers. And I really like the idea of using markers and then spraying them to spread the colors. Sweet Pea would love that!