Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Toddler Valentine Activity


Toddler Valentine Suncatcher

This is a super easy activity you can do with your toddler.  I cut a heart out of construction paper.  Then I placed contact paper on the back the heart.  Little Sunshine placed cut up pieces of tissue paper on the sticky part of the contact paper.  I wrote the words; "I can see the love of Jesus shine through you.  Happy Valentine's Day."  We hung it up in the window so daddy could see it when he came home.   

Monday, February 3, 2014

Free Valentine's Day Printables for Preschool

Free Montessori Inspired Valentine's Day Printables

Color Heart Sort
Little Peanut sorted the hearts by color.  You can download the printable sorting mat here.  I also used foam hearts from the dollar tree for this activity.

Spooning Plastic Hearts
Little Peanut picked up the hearts with the spoon and placed them in the ice cube tray.  I bought the hearts at the dollar tree.
 photo 61861c15-98a2-4697-890d-8437c7ee3246_zps7b2998e8.jpg
Heart Number Cards
Little Peanut placed the correct number of clothespins on the number cards.  You can download the number cards here.  I bought the clothespins and heart stickers from the dollar tree.

Numerical Order
Little Peanut placed the cards in numerical order.  These are the same cards from the previous activity.
Letter Match
Little Peanut named the letter and placed a heart on top of it.  You can download this printable here.
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