Friday, September 27, 2013

Free Printable Friday- Autumn, Leaves, and Pumpkins

Each Friday I will posting a new FREE printable.  This week the theme is pumpkins and leaves. 

 Pumpkin Counting Game

This game helps with number recognition and counting.

Little Peanut named the number on the pumpkin and placed the corresponding number of pumpkins on top of the number card.

(I purchased the pumpkins to go with this game from the dollar section at Target. You can use orange playdough balls for pumpkins as well.)

You can down load the pumpkin cards for FREE page 1,
page 2, page 3
 photo 32aeef8e-01dd-4d72-b92b-c144d907695b_zps520f7d37.jpg

Autumn Leaf Sort

This game helps with sorting skills and color recognition.

Little Peanut placed the correct leaf on the correct color card.
(I purchased the leaves to use with this game from the dollar section at Target.)

This mat can be used to sort any red and brown items.
You can get this color sort mat FREE here.
 photo bb6a6b59-d02e-4cbf-bf32-0e37e9a9666a_zps0c403136.jpg

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Parental Supervision

Manipulatives that are used in these posts are items I used with my child.  Parents are responsible for deciding what is suitable for their child to use with printable mat.  All activities on this blog should be done with parental supervision. Any activity involving small pieces should be done with children over 3 years of age.   

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Free Printable Friday-Sink or Float Printables

This week we are working on ocean activities.  Here are two printables I created for our unit.
Sink or Float
Salt Water vs. Fresh Water
 photo 41436f3d-d213-4781-9fa4-cea0ab5749e3_zpsb808a28c.jpg
 You can download this sheet with the objects here.
 photo 6005a41b-49a7-444f-85bf-2779d385e6ed_zps03e4cede.jpg
You can download this sheet without the objects here.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

School-Age Saturday Painting Sight Words

School-Age Saturday
On Saturdays I will be posting some school age activities I did with Little Sweets.
Painting Sight Words or Spelling On Sliding Glass Door

I mixed a little bit of water with washable tempra paint and let Little Sweets paint her sight words on the sliding glass door.  The paint comes off easily with soap and water.  Little Sweets loved this activity.  

 photo sightwordpaintingonglasscopyright_zps90710441.jpg
 Here is a picture from the inside.  We had to repaint the words since it was difficult to get a picture without a reflection from the outside. 
 photo 4caac0dc-de7a-4826-ab0a-394310953c0b_zpsf758499e.jpg
This is a great activity if you have younger siblings who like doing activities alongside  their sister or brother.  Little Peanut joined in and painted a picture of her own while Little Sweets practiced her sight words. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Frugal Friday- Free Shape Puzzle Printables

Frugal Friday
Each Friday I plan to post about a fun frugal or free activity you can do with your child.  This week I am sharing a free shape puzzle printable I used during tot time with Little Peanut.  I hope you enjoy!!
 Here is a link

 photo 8212c589-b99a-4803-a768-009236428094_zpsbb1d08a3.jpg

Here is a link
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