Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tot School Week 5 Colors and Easter

Little Sweets fractured her leg this week. We spent most of Thursday and Friday at doctor's offices and hospital getting x-rays. We did manage to get some tot school in.

This week we had two themes colors and Easter. Here are some of the activities we did.
StArt Activity
This was the activity we did that went along with the book I Ain't Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont. You can read more about this activity here.

Color Activities

Colored Sensory Exploration Bottles

Little Sweets helped me make sensory bottles. We filled up empty soda bottles with water and added different materials to each bottle. I put beads in one bottle, glitter in another bottle, and vegetable oil in the last bottle. Then Little Sweets helped me add food coloring to the bottles. I used the bottles to help me teach Little Sweets about colors. I ask her to find the bottle with green water, or red water etc. Little Sweets also likes to shake the bottles. I think her favorite is the bottle with beads because it makes noise.

Activity Resource: The Encyclepedia of Infant and Toddler Activities

Piggy Bank Fun

We talked about the colors of the coins as she put them in her piggy bank. (This was one of the new toys I picked up at the local consignment sale.)

Homemade "I Spy" Color Book

I decided to make an "I spy" color book using pictures of Little Sweets Toys. I grouped some of her small toys together and then took a picture of them. I pasted the pictures into a homemade book. We looked at the pictures in her book and I asked her to find the different toys in the picture. She also likes to find the actual toy (from her toy box) that is in the picture.

Colored Picture Sort

I found some picture cards that I used in my kindergarten classroom and had Little Sweets sort the cards by color.

Easter Activities

Getting in His Word Wednesday Activity

Since Easter is coming up I decided to talk to Little Sweets about Jesus's death and resurrection. I read the story out of her children's Bible about Jesus's death. I explained to her that Jesus lived a perfect life and died on the cross for us so that we could go to heaven. Then I printed off a picture of the cross and wrote Jesus died for.... so that they could go to heaven. Little Sweets pasted pictures of mommy, daddy, and herself on the cross to show some of the people Jesus died for.

Tissue Paper Cross Collage

We also made a tissue paper cross collage using tissue paper, contact paper, and construction paper.

Field Trip- South Carolina State Museum

Little Sweets loves pushing buttons.

Yes, that is a turtle shell on mommy's back.

Little Sweets uncovering a dinosaur bone.

We went to the South Carolina State Museum. Little Sweets enjoyed the discovery kids zone and uncovering dinosaur bones.

Gross Motor

Little Sweets loved running around in the backyard after her ball. This of course was early on in the week before she broke her leg.


  1. Great activities this week! I love the one with the turtle shell on your back LOL

  2. So many great activities! I'm now following your blog, too.

  3. Cool stArt activity and those sensory bottles are great!! Sorry to hear about your little one's leg - hope she's feeling better soon!

  4. I am so impressed that you had school even with your daughter's broken leg. The sensory bottles sound neat.

  5. We were at the doctors office earlier in the week because we thought my little one had broken her foot! Thankfully no fracture, but must be the week for leg/foot accidents!