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Danny the Dragon DVD Review and Interview with Tina Turbin

Danny the Dragon DVD Review

A Great Story Supporting a Great Cause

Did you know that eighty-five percent of deaf high school graduates read at only a third or fourth grade level? Here is another startling fact: ninety-three percent of deaf children are born to normal hearing families and of those families only ten percent ever learn to effectively communicate with their child. These were two facts that Tina Turbin shared at the beginning of her DVD Danny the Dragon “Meets Jimmy.” Tina Turbin, the author of Danny the Dragon “Meets Jimmy,” is passionate about literacy and providing a good, quality education for the deaf.
This is why she was inspired to make the DVD Danny the Dragon “Meets Jimmy.” On this DVD the book Danny the Dragon “Meets Jimmy” is told with full color images and interpreted in sign language by Carol Downings, the associate director of Blossom Monetessori School for the Deaf. Tina is donating half the profits of this DVD to increase awareness and support of literacy and education for Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf, and half the profits to other causes which support literacy and education for the welfare of all children. The Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf is only one of two Montessori Schools for the deaf in the country.

I thought this DVD was fun and entertaining, especially for young children. Little Sweets really enjoyed watching the DVD. The story was creative and the illustrations were bright and colorful. I was especially impressed with the sign language interpretation on the DVD. I love Tina’s idea to include sign language interpretation on a DVD. I hope that more authors will explore this concept and develop more DVD’s with sign language interpretation for the deaf.

Little Sweets and I have enjoyed the Danny the Dragon book, CD, and DVD. We can't wait to read more books in this series. Tina Turbin is an excellent author and her story of Danny the Dragon truly captures the imaginations of young children.

Interview with Tina Turbin- Author of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy

I not only got the opportunity to review the Danny the Dragon “Meets Jimmy” book, CD and DVD, but I also got the opportunity to talk with Tina Turbin. Tina is a charming woman to talk with. Upon talking with her I learned that she is passionate about many things including family, children, education, literacy, raising awareness about celiac disease, and raising awareness about providing a good quality education for the deaf.

Tina is a writer, artist, and mother of three. She recently wrote the book Danny the Dragon “Meets Jimmy” and audio book Dreams which I had the opportunity to review. Tina wrote her first book at age sixteen and has always considered herself a writer. She draws her ideas for her children’s books from her life experiences. Tina is currently working on three books: a children's cookbook, an autobiography, and another Danny the Dragon story.

Besides writing, Tina also enjoys painting, drawing, and exercising. She also loves being a mother. She has three adult children that are in the entertainment industry.

Tina is also very involved with raising awareness about Celiac Disease and the profits from the audio book Dreams go to benefit the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University. Tina hopes to help raise awareness about the disease with the general public as well as with doctors. Tina is also involved with raising support for the Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf. She enjoys visiting schools and hospitals. She became more involved with this school after visiting the school and reading to the students. Half of the proceeds from her DVD go to support the Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf.

Tina is a humanitarian, radio spokes-woman as well as an award winning children’s author. She helps people in the allergy, celiac, autistic, and gluten-free “world” and works hard to make these topics more known. To learn more about Tina Turbin please visit her sites.

I am grateful that Tina Turbin gave me the opportunity to interview her and provided me copies of her book, CD, and DVD to review.

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