Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tot School Week 3

This week I decided to do things differently. I don't have a theme, but instead have divided activities up by subject area.

Science Activity: We are still learning about animals. Little Sweets loved going to the pond that is near our house. She got to see ducks and turtles. She enjoyed quacking at the ducks. She also saw lots of people walking dogs. She barked at most of the dogs and meowed at a chihuhua.

Math Activity:Sorting fruit loops by color

Language Arts Activities: We are working on the alphabet. We listened to the song The Alphabet Train by Dr. Jean and Little Sweets worked on her alphabet puzzle.

Art Activities: Talked about colors as we made fruit loop necklaces. We also made colored salt jars. (We made the noodle necklace a few weeks ago.)

Field Trip: We went to Edventure the Children's Museum in Columbia

I thought this was the cutest exhibit, a mini grocery store for kids. Little Sweets knew exactly what to do since she likes to go to shopping with mommy. When she was finished shopping she had to put everything back. She knew exactly where everything went. She's just like her daddy very organized and puts everything back in its place.


  1. What a fun week! I like that you broke things down by subject!

  2. i have a hard time with themes, too. but i'm also really bad at kiddie science. so, i'm a mess all around. i'm glad it works for yoU!

  3. What a great week! I love the fruit loop counting, and Edventure is such a fun and educational place!