Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tot School- Noah's Ark and Zoo Animals

Noah's Ark and Zoo Animals
Little Sweets 20 months Peachers-35months
This week we had lots of fun playing with Little Sweets' friend Peachers. Peachers will be turning 3 in April. She spent the week with us so I decided to plan activities for both girls.

Animal Identification and Matching Game Using Animal Crackers

We read the story about Noah's Ark and later snacked on animal crackers. Little Sweets and Peachers identifyed the animals and talked about the sounds they made. Peacher's also played a matching game with her animal crackers.

Animal Patterns

Peachers and I talked about patterns. Together we made patterns using animal cut-outs.
Sink or Float?

We talked about how Noah had to build a boat that could float on water. I explained what floating is and showed them objects that float and objects that sink. They also enjoyed playing in the water in the sensory table.

Marble Painting

Peachers painted stripes on a zebra stencil by rolling a marble in paint and rolling it around on a cookie sheet.

More Animal Books

Little Sweets loves to look at books. I picked up some more animal books from the library for her.

Pin the Animals on the Ark

I made a stencil of a boat and taped it to a cookie sheet. Then I printed out pictures of animals covered them with contact paper and put a magnet on the back. Peachers had fun trying to fit all the animals on the ark.

Giraffe Sugar Cookie Cutouts

Peachers and Little Sweets helped me make some giraffe sugar cookies. This was a good activity to teach about turn taking.

Trip to the Zoo

Finally, on Friday we went to the zoo to see some real animals.


  1. Great activities for Noah's Ark! What a great week!

  2. What a great week! I love the zebra painting!

  3. Wow! This is so impressive! It looks like so much fun... and very educational. Great job, Char!

  4. We are doing Noahs Ark very soon! I love all your ideas and may use some of them. Thanks.