Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tot School & Preschool Winter Activities

Tot School & Preschool
Little Sweets 42 months Little Peanut 11 months

Sorting Foam Winter Animals and Shapes
Picked these up on sale 75% off at Michaels.  Little Sweets sorted them and glued them onto a picture.

Painting with Salt Water to Make Snowflakes
I boiled water and added epsom salts.  The salt dissolved and once it cooled Little Sweets painted onto her picture.  After the water drys it looks like snowflakes on the page. 

Playing with Ice
We had a large piece of ice in our backyard. Little Sweets was examining it and playing with it.

Sight Word Snowball Game
Little Sweets threw the snowball at the word and read the word she hit. (The snowball was a piece of paper.)

These math activities come from a math curriculum I created for Little Sweets.  You can download the activities here.   

Comparing Snowflakes
Little Sweets flipped two cards over, compared the number of snowflakes on each card, and put the cards in the column marked most or least.

Numerical Order
Little Sweets put the cards in numerical order.

Snowball Measurement
Little Sweets counted how many snowballs tall each penguin was and put the number magnet on the blank. 

Graphing Penguins

Sweets put the penguins on the correct columns on the graph.  She told me how many penguins were in each column. This is also part of my winter math unit I created.

Which is Different?
Little Sweets pointed out the picture that was different.

Snowman Sequencing
Little Sweets put the snowman in order from tallest to smallest.

Fine Motor Fun
Little Peanut put pom pom balls into a small hole I cut in a frosting container.  She was actually very good at this. 

"Yay, Little Peanut, you did a great job!"  Little Sweets encouraging Little Peanut.  It was so sweet. 

Hanging out in their tent together.  I love that they can play together now. 

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  1. I love to see your older daughter encouraging her sister. That is just precious!

  2. Wonderful week!! Love the printables. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, I love how she is so sweet to her little sister. :) Your winter printables look great ~ thank you for sharing!

  4. These are so fun! I am a new follower and hope you will follow me too :)