Sunday, January 15, 2012

Preschool and Tot School More Winter Activities

Preschool and Tot School
43 months and 11 months

Snowman Puzzle
Little Sweets is putting a snowman puzzle together.  You can get this free here.

Lacing Cards

 Snowflake Tic Tac  Toe
Little Sweets and I took turns flipping over snowflake cards.  Little Sweets counted the number of snowflakes on the card and covered the up the correct number on her board.  I also covered up the correct number.  The first person to have three numbers covered diagonally, across, or down won the game.  You can get this game here

In and Out

Little Peanut put pegs inside her box and took them out.  She loves this game.

It the Tube

Little Peanut loves putting the pegs in the toilet paper tube. 

Making a Sensory Bottle for Little Peanut

Little Sweets helped me make a sensory bottle for her sister.  She put beads and glitter in a bottle filled with colored water.  

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  1. The tic tac toe game looks fun!


    1. Thanks, that was one of Little Sweets favorite activities.