Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Preschool Math Curriculum- Winter Math Printables

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Winter Math Activities

I have created a preschool math curriculum for Little Sweets and I am excited to share this curriculum with you.  Each month I will be posting a new theme with new activities.  This month our theme is Winter. 

Winter Math Unit

Math Standards Addressed
  • Counting
  • Identifying Numerals
  • Sorting and Classifying
  • Size Sequencing
  • Displaying Information on a Graph
  • Interpreting Information on a Graph
  • Measuring using Nonstandard Units of Measurement
  • Comparing Sizes
  • Describing and Extending Patterns

Each download of these activities is for personal use in your home or in your classroom.   Please do not sell or host the files on your website without my permission.  Please link back to my website if you blog about these activities so others may also have the opportunity to download the activities. 

Snowflake Comparison Game
Little Sweets flipped over two cards with snowflakes on it.  She compared the cards and put the card with the most snowflakes in the column marked most and the snowflake with the least snowflakes in the column marked least.  You can download this activity here.

Penguin Measurement Activity
Little Sweets counted how many snowballs tall the penguins were and put the answer in the blank.  You can download this here.

Numerical Order
Little Sweets put the numbers in order from least to greatest.
I used the same cards from the most and least activity for this game.

Penguin Graph
Little Sweets put the penguin pictures on the graph.  She told me which had the greatest the fewest and the same number of penguins.   You can download this here

Snowman Sequence
Little sweets put the snowman in order from biggest to smallest.
You can download this activity here.

Which is different?
Little Sweets told me which picture in each row was different.
You can download this here.

Tic Tac Toe
This game is intended for more than one player.  Each player turns over a card counts the snowflakes Each player places a marker over that number on their cards.  The player that covers three numbers diagonally, down, or across wins.  You can download this activity here.

Little Sweets sorts the snowman by size.  You can get download this activity here.

Winter Pattern Cards
Little Sweets identifies the pattern and extends it using the cards.  You can down load this activity here.

Snowman Puzzle
Put the snowman back together and use the numbers to help.  You can download this here.


  1. Looks fun! I love that you used hands-on activities to incorporate math. So much more fun for the little ones!


  2. Awesome post! I am visiting from Thrifty Thurs. I love all of these math activities. I too am a former teacher turned SAHM who is grateful for God's provision to be home with my boys. Loved your "about me" description. thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you!! I'm now also following your blog. : ) You have some good ideas.