Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 12- The Beach

This past week we went to the beach so we did a few beach themed activities.

Shell Imprints

I tried to show Little Sweets how to make an imprint of the shell in the play dough, she enjoyed just sticking the shells in the play dough instead. 

Foam Fish Patterning

I made patterning cards out of the foam fish I had bought from the dollar tree.  Little Sweets put the foam fish on top of the pattern cards. 

Melissa Doug Fish Puzzle

Little Sweets enjoyed fishing for the puzzle pieces on her puzzle.

Playing in the Waves with Daddy

Little Sweets loved the beach and especially enjoyed playing in the waves.

Digging in the Sand

Little Sweets had fun digging in the sand.

Fun Sand Sculptures
As we were walking the beach we saw some neat sand sculptures.

Homosassa Springs Park

After spending the weekend at Hilton Head we went to my grandfather's house in Florida.  We visited the Homosassa Springs Park while we were there.  Little Sweets got to see real manatees, alligators, and other animals that are native to Florida. 

After seeing live alligators I was surprised she wanted to play with this fake one. 

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  1. Those are such great activities! I'm surprised she wanted to be near the alligator too!

  2. aaw what a lovely week! Love this beach theme

  3. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!! I really want to get that magnetic fishing puzzle for my DD!

  4. What a fun beach week!