Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tot School- Bugs Week 2

This week we did more bug activities.

(22 Months)

Pattern Shapes Butterfly

I drew a butterfly and traced pattern block shapes on the butterfly.  I laminated the paper and Little Sweets placed paper pattern block shapes on top of the traced shapes.  ( I don't have plastic pattern blocks yet, but I laminated some shapes that I cut out of construction paper.)  Little Sweets did great and placed all of the shapes in the correct spots.  I helped with turning some of the shapes the right way.

Homemade Butterfly Puzzles
I printed pictures of butterflies off of the computer and laminated them.  Then I cut them into two pieces.  Little Sweets matched the pieces.  She needed help lining them up.  She likes things lined up perfectly.  We also talked about the butterfly colors.

Size Matching Sheet

I printed this activity from Confessions of Homeschooler blog.  We talked about large, medium, and small and Little Sweets placed the cutout butterflies on the butterfly sheet.

Looking for Bugs

Little Sweets and I looked for bugs outside.  We found some but decided not to put them in her bug cage.
Caterpillar Fun

I printed out different caterpillars patterns that I had made on my computer.  Little Sweets used her pom poms to make caterpillars by placing them on top of the printed caterpillar.  This activity helps with fine motor skills as well as teaches color matching.  To download the free caterpillar printable please go here.  There are six different caterpillars on the worksheet.   

Dot Art Lady Bug

Little Sweets used her bingo stamps to put spots on her ladybug.

Field Trip to the Butterfly Garden

We went to the children's museum this week.  They have a butterfly garden outside.  Little Sweets and I walked around and saw many different types of beautiful butterflies. 

stART Activity-  The Very Busy Spider


We read The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle and painted a spider web with a marble.  To read more about this stART activity please go here.

Homemade Rainmaker

We had a craft time at our playgroup this week.  One of the other moms came up with the idea to make homemade rainmakers. It was so cute I wanted to share.   Little Sweets decorated a paper towel roll.  Then we rolled up a piece of tinfoil and put it inside and taped construction paper to the end to close up the hole.  We poured rice into the paper towel roll and closed up the other end.  When Little Sweets turns the paper towel roll over it makes noise like rainmakers make. 

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  1. I love all that you did this week. I think we may do the pattern caterpillars this week if I have time to make it!

  2. Hey Jen I just put up the caterpillar printable so you can just use mine if you would like. Just click on the link on my blog.

  3. oo what a fun week! I love all of the bug ideas you had!

  4. My son loved The Very Busy Spider. We actually did a stART activity with it back in Oct. '09. I can't believe it was that long ago.

  5. Thanks for the caterpillars! We are going to do bugs some time this summer, and I know that will be loads of fun for my little one. Thanks!

  6. So cute! I love your bug theme week. Perfect for spring!

    ~Catherine :)

  7. Love all of your pictures. My daughter would probably love the rainmaker!

  8. super cute and easy ideas you have for it!