Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tot School- Bugs Week 1

  This week our theme was bugs.  We will be doing bug activities for 2 weeks.  Here are some of our activities from the week.

Sorting- Long and Short
I found some rubber worms that I had used when I was teaching and used them for two sorting activities.  Little sweets sorted these worms by length.  She put the short worms in one container and long worms in the other container.  She really enjoys sorting activities   This was the first time we sorted by length and she did a great job.  At first she wanted to sort them by color but after I showed her what to do she caught on real quickly.

Sorting by Color 

I had Little Sweets sort the worms by color for this activity. 

Butterfly Art

I picked up some bingo markers at the dollar store and Little Sweets loved them.  She used them to decorate her butterfly.

Homemade Butterfly Book

Little Sweets loved the markers so much that I decided to cut out small butterflies to stamp on.  I used the butterflies in a color book I made.  The book is repetitive and the only word that changes is the color word.  I use the book to help Little Sweets learn her colors. 

Build a Bug Game

I bought a build a bug game at a consignment sale and let Little Sweets play with the bugs.  I was hoping she would be able to put the bugs together herself, but she doesn't have the fine motor skills yet.  She showed me where to put the parts in her bug and she had some interesting looking bugs.  Some bugs had hands coming out there heads.  She loved her bug so much that she took him to nap with her.

Big and Little Caterpillars 

I had some circles left over from last week so I thought I would continue on with the lesson about big and little.  Last week we sorted the circles by size and this week we used the different sized circles to make different sized caterpillars.  I cut out a stencil for the caterpillars and Little Sweets glued the circles on top of the stencil and glued on the eye.  We also talked about the difference between big and little.  I also used this activity to go along with the book; The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  To learn more about my stART activity please go here.  

Dirt Pie

Little Sweets helped me make dirt pie and eat it. 

Bead Bugs

Instead of using laces for the lacing beads we used pipe cleaners and made bugs out of the beads.  Little Sweets is still having trouble lacing the beads.  I helped her with this activity.  ( I found lacing beads at The Dollar Store.  It was a super deal.)

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  1. I love these ideas! Look forward to seeing what you do in week two also. How did you create the edible dirt pile? xx

  2. What a fun week! I love the butterfly book :)

  3. What a great week! Love how you did the theme.

  4. The big and little caterpillars are really cute! Great week :)

  5. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Here is the site where I found the dirt recipe.,1737,144176-250205,00.html

  6. What great ideas! My Little One would love them:)

  7. What a fun week learning about bugs :-) I love that you made dirt! For Sammy's first birthday we did a dump truck theme and I made dirt cake in a dump truck for his cake :-)

  8. I love the bugs Little Sweets made. Very cute! Great week, looking forward to next week.

  9. My little one has trouble too with lacing those beads (we got the same ones at the dollar store). I never thought to use pipe cleaners, though! I bet that would be much easier for her. Thansk for the idea!