Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tot School letter "L"

 Tot School- Letter "L"
33 months

We did a lot of fun activities this week for the letter "L."

Sorting with Chopsticks
Little Sweets used the training chopsticks that we got at the Chinese restaurant to pick up pom-poms and place them in cups according to their color.  We put the cups in the shape of an "l."  This was a great fine motor activity for Little Sweets. 

Bingo Stamp "L"
Little Sweets used bingo stamps to make the letter "l."  Then she used her training chopsticks to pick up pom-poms and placed them on the dots. 

"L" is for Ladybug
I drew a ladybug and Little Sweets used the bingo stamper to add spots.  Then she counted the spots.  She found the number on our calendar and I helped her write the number. 

"L" Sound
 Little Sweets found the letter "L" and placed it in the word whammer.  She listened to the sound the "L" makes.  I picked the word whammer up at a local consignment sale.

Cork board "L"
I placed a piece of paper on a cork board and poked holes in the board and paper in the shape of an "L."   Then I used a black marker to mark the holes.  Little Sweets placed thumbtacks in the holes.  Then she put a bead on each thumbtack.  This was a super cheap easy activity.  I found the cork board and lacing beads at the dollar tree.

I also got the Letter Factory Game at the consignment sale.  It is super fun and teaches counting, colors, letter identification, and letter sounds.  Little Sweets loves it.  I also picked up the Letter Factory video that goes with it from the library.  (You don't need the video to play the game.)

Letter Bridge
Little Sweets used her letter blocks to make a bridge for Cinderella.  She said the names of the letters as Cinderella jumped on each block.

 Letter Stamps

Little Sweets put letter stamps on her letter "L."

Letter Sound Picture Match
I got this idea from Confessions of  a Homeschooler.  Little Sweets picked the picture that started with the letter "l" and placed a clothespin on the picture.  I was impressed at how much she knew.  She even told me what letters the other pictures started with.  We also read the book My "L" Sound Box to go along with the activity.

L is for Lollipop

Little Sweets sorted a bag of lollipops by color.  She counted the lollipops then I put the numbers on a graph.  Little Sweets used the graph to tell me how many of each color lollipops there were.  Then she showed me which had the most lollipops.  I had to show which had the least number of lollipops.  I think she did great.  We've only done graphs together a few times. 

Character Trait: Loving Others

We talked about loving others and how to show love.  We read a story from Little Sweets Bible. Little Sweets colored a heart and we wrote different ways we could love others. 

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