Monday, April 18, 2011

Letters "N" and "O"

Letters "N" and "O"
33 months

We had beautiful weather this week so we spent a lot of time outside.  We were able to do some tot school activities.  I had more planned, but we just didn't get to it.

Noodle Fun
Little Sweets rolled her large die and identified the number.  I made the die from a large Styrofoam square that I picked up at Walmart.  I wrote the numbers on it with permanent marker. After identifying the number Little Sweets put that many penne pasta shells on a piece of spaghetti noodle.  This is a great activity for building fine motor skills because the child has to be extra careful not to break the spaghetti noodle.  You can also do this activity with older children by having them roll the die twice and add up the number of noodles. 

N is for Nuts
Little Sweets looked for nuts in our yard.  She put them in a bucket and then counted them when she was done. 

"N" is for Numbers
Little Sweets threw a pom pom ball on our calendar and then identified the number it landed on.

More Number Games
I made number cards using stamps.  Then I put a paper clip on the card.  Little Sweets counted the number of stamps and then moved the paper clip to the matching number on the card.  This is a great activity that children can do on their own because you can mark the answer on the back of the card.  

Letter "N" and "O" Books
Little Sweets identified the words in the books that started with the Letter "N" and "O".

Picture Cards
I made these cards on my computer using clip art.  I cut them out and laminated them.  Little Sweets uses a clothespin to identify the picture that goes with letter. I got this idea from confessions ofa homeschooler website.

Operation Game
I picked this game up for $2 at Walmart this week.   It is great for building fine motor skills.  Little Sweets had fun using the tweezers to get Buzz's parts.  We didn't follow the instructions because it would have been too hard for Little Sweets.  She had fun playing the game her way.

We read a book together about opposites together.

Disney on Ice
We took Little Sweets to Disney on Ice.  She loved the show, especially the princesses.  Here is a picture of Little Sweets and one of her good friends at the show.

Character Traits:  Kindness and Love
We are still talking about what it means to be kind and loving towards others.  I like to use examples in everyday life so that Little Sweets can understand the meaning of the words.  We also read stories in her children's Bible about God's love and kindness.

Little Sweets and Cutie Pie

Tiny Tot
Cutie Pie just turned 3 months. She is gaining a lot of head control and just rolled over from her back to belly this past week. 

"Look at me, I can roll over."

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  1. Great "n" and "o" activities!=) I'm sure your daughter loved disney on ice!! Looks like fun! Stopping by from Tot School