Monday, March 28, 2011

Morning Board Activity

Morning Board

This is our Morning Board Activity that I am doing with Little Sweets.  She is 2 1/2. 

Here is an explanation of our board and activities.
  • We talk about the color of the week and then spell the color.  We sing a song to go with the color.  You can find the color songs here.   
  • We have a word of the week.  This is usually a word that Little Sweets sees a lot in books she reads or is found in environmental print.
  • Little Sweets counts as high as she can and we record the number.  I will eventually have her write the number.
  • We look at our calendar and talk about the date, sing the days of the weeks song which can be found here, and we talk about what tomorrow's day is and yesterday was. 
  • Each week we talk about a character trait and I read a bible verse to go with the character trait.  ( We usually read a bible story and do an activity that also goes with the character trait.)
  • We pray for someone during this time. 
  • We talk about the letter of the week and Little Sweets puts up pictures of items that start with that letter.  ( I used the consonant cards from this website.)
  • We also talk about the weather outside.  I sing the weather song found here and Little Sweets puts up a picture on the weather board.  You can get the weather board from here.
Storage Idea:  ( I  pasted some activities on envelopes so that we could keep the pieces all together.)

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