Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tot School February post

Tot School
33 months

Drawing Lines
We have been working on Little Sweets fine motor skills.  I bought a kumon tracing workbook.  I placed the workbook page in a plastic page protector so we can reuse the pages.   Little Sweets enjoyed drawing straight lines. 

Candy Heart Color Game
I bought candy hearts for Valentine's Day.  Little Sweets told me the color of the heart before she ate it. 

Lacing Beads Patterning Game
I found these lacing beads at the dollar store.  I used them to make different patterns.  Little Sweets extended the pattern by adding more beads. 

Sorting Colors
Little Sweets sort the beads by color. She also worked on hand eye coordination as she put each bead on the rod.   I actually made this manipulative.  You can see how to make it here.

Valentine Eraser Math Game
Little Sweets placed valentine erasers on number cards.  She counted the dots on each card and matched the number of erasers  to each dot.  Then she matched the popsicle with the corect number to each card. 

We go to the library almost every week and Little Sweets picks out books to read-aloud. I love reading with her .

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  1. Awesome job counting!! I love the creative idea you came up with using the erasers!

  2. Great job to Little Sweets on drawing her lines! Kerri