Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tot School Winter Theme Week 2

Tot School -Winter Theme
30 Months

We welcomed our newest bundle of joy on January 14th.  She was 8lbs 2 oz and little sweets loves being a big sister.  We haven't had much time for tot school. The activities from this post are from a few weeks ago. 

Cotton Ball Snowman

Little Sweets had fun gluing cotton balls to a snowman cutout.  I was very surprised that she didn't make a mess with the glue.  She made sure she put one dot on the snowman and then placed the cottonball on the glue dot.  She did such a great job I think I will let her use the bottle more often. 

Winter Patterns
Little Sweets loves her pattern blocks.  I printed some winter pattern block sheets from the prekinders website and Little Sweets loved working on them. 

Puffy Paint Snow Picture

After Little Sweets came in from the snow I thought it would be fun to paint a snow picture.  I tried remembering a recipe I had seen to make puffy paint.  I mixed poster paint and glue and it didn't really turn out that well.  I just found a recipe that calls for equal parts of shaving cream and glue.  She still enjoyed painting, but I think I will try again using the shaving cream and glue instead. 

Snow Sensory Activity

Little Sweets had so much fun playing in the snow that I decided to bring some into the house as a sensory activity.  Little Sweets really enjoyed scooping it up and putting it in cups.

Colored Snow Experiment
We  brought some snow inside and Little Sweets added two different colors to the snow.  When it melted it made a new color. 

Playing in the Snow
This is our second snow storm in 3 weeks and we live in South Carolina!!!  We don't usually get snow so this has been a treat for Little Sweets.  I only wish we had boots for her.  When she and daddy came in her little toes were so cold. 

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  1. Great week! Love that you guys colored the snow! I need to do some color activities over here too! Stay warm! Kerri