Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tot School Letter "G"

"G"is for Gumballs
28 months

Dot Art Gumballs
Little Sweets put gumballs on the gumball a gumball machine I drew.  She used bingo stamps to make the gumballs.

Alphabet Gumball Machine

I drew a gumball machine that had letters on the gumballs.  Little Sweets identified the letters and matched gumball letters.

Gumball Counting Game

Little Sweets used pom poms as gumballs.  She counted the circles on the gumball machines and put the pom poms ontop of the circles.  She also identified the number on the machine.

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  1. We did some gum ball stuff a couple of weeks ago. It was a big hit. It looks like your little one had a great week.