Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tot School December post 1

Tot School December Post (1)
(30 Months)

 Shape Sort and Simple Ornament for Toddlers
We had some foam shapes we were planning on using for an ornament.  Little Sweets sorted the shapes  before me we made the ornament.  She then decided to mix all the shapes together again before we made the ornament. 

Simple Ornament for Toddlers
Little Sweets loves art activities.  I thought it would be fun to have her make an ornament as a keepsake.  I took a piece of paper and cut a hole in the middle.  Then I placed a piece of contact paper on one side.  Little Sweets placed foam shapes on top of the contact paper.  ( You could use tissue paper or construction paper instead.)  We talked about the shapes as she put them on the contact paper.  Then I took another piece of contact paper and put it on top of the sticky sided contact paper.  We put a hole through the circle and tied a string through.  Little Sweets placed it on the tree.  It looks pretty when the lights shine through it. 

Homemade Star Puzzle
Little Sweets loves doing puzzles so I thought I would create one with her.  I printed out two star shapes.  Little Sweets and I colored one star and then I cut it out.  Little Sweets placed the pieces of the star on top of the second star shape that I printed out and glued the pieces on.  She needed a little help with the placement of some of the pieces.  Afterwards, she decided the star needed glitter so she painted it with some glitter glue.

Shaving Cream Fun
Little Sweets and I enjoyed  playing with shaving cream.  This is a great sensory activity.  Little Sweets practiced her fine motor skills as she made straight lines and circles in the cream.  She even made a few letters, t, d, and p.  I also wrote letters in the cream and Little Sweets identified them.

Reading with Mommy and Daddy
We spend a lot of time reading. This week Little Sweets picked out  several Karen Katz books.  She is a great author for toddlers and most of her books have you interacting with your child.  Little Sweets loves these books and calls them the baby books because the characters are usually babies. 

Lately I haven't been posting tot school activites.  We are always doing activities and spending time playing together I just haven't been taking a lot of pictures.  I want to keep track of Little Sweets learning as well as keep a portfolio of her activities as a keepsake.  I plan to continue to keep posting in the future, but I am beginning to realize you can't capture everything on camera.  

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  1. Cute ornament. :) Where do you buy contact paper?

  2. You can get contact paper in the housewares department at walmart. I think it might have beeen near the serving utensils. I had to ask someone because I had a hard time finding it.

  3. Love the ornament too. You can also get the contact paper at I am not sure if it is an item that applies for a homeschool discount or not. The star puzzle is a fun idea too! Merry Christmas! Kerri

  4. Nice looking ornament, thanks for sharing.