Thursday, July 14, 2011

Preschool Week 1

Preschool Week 1
36 months

Bible Activity-Creation
I am getting some of my ideas for our Bible Activity from this website.  This week we did creation.  We read from Little Sweets Bible; The Beginners Bible.  Then I retold the story through picture cards   Little Sweets used her wand to point to the card I was describing. 

Language Arts
We have been working on  a few sight words over the summer.  This week we added "see" to our list.  Here is the list Little Sweets has been working on. 

Sight Words- A, at, go, I, is, it, see, the

Sight Word Activities
Paint and Reveal
  I used a white crayon to write sight words on paper.  Little Sweets took water colored paints and painted over the page and words appeared on the page.  She read the words as they appeared.  I got this idea from this blog.

Stamping Sight Words into Play Dough
Little Sweets used her letter stamps to make words in her play dough.  She also used number and picture stamps. 

Reading Sight Word Book

I have printed out several books that use the sight words we have been working on.  Little Sweets loves to read these books.  This week she found all the books I printed out and decided she wanted to read a book that had sight words we hadn't done yet.  She was determined to read the book and did a great. job.   We will be adding those words to our list next week. 

Word Family Activities- "at" Family
Here are some of the activities we have been doing for the "at" family words.

Word Whammer
Little Sweets made words in her word whammer- cat, sat, fat, mat, bat, rat

Self-Checking Word Wheel

I made this word wheel for Little Sweets and she loved it.  She turned the wheel read the word and checked to see if she was correct by lifting up the flap and looking at the picture.  I posted directions on how to make it here.  I was surprised at how quickly she picked up on blending the sounds to make the word. 

Homemade Play Dough
Little Sweets helped me make homemade play dough.  She helped with counting and pouring.  You can get the recipe for homemade kool-aid play dough here.


Counting, Number Recognition, and One-one correspondence
Little Sweets told me the number on the page and counted the dots as she placed them in the squares.  We did this activity for numbers 10 and 11.

Number Recognition
Little Sweets put bottle caps on the number as I called it out.  She can recognize numbers 1-10 so we are working on 10-20.  It was helpful to have the colored squares because I could tell her to find the number 17, it is on a blue square.  This narrowed it down and made the activity much easier for her. 

Fine Motor

Recently Little Sweets has showed an interest in writing letters. She asks me how to make them and shows me when she has made a letter so I thought we work on some handwriting.  Here she is tracing letter cards I made for her.  The cards are laminated so she can reuse them. 

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  1. Love the word stamping into the playdoh. I will have to remember that when we start our sight words in a couple weeks. Thanks for sharing! :)