Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tot School - Letter "D"

Letter "D"
(26 Months Old)

This week we had a lot of errands so we didn't get much tot school in.  Here are some pictures of some of the letter "D" activities we did.

Math Activity

"D" is for Dora Counting Cards.  I made these Dora cards for Little Sweets.  She used foam numbers to match the numbers on the card.  I wanted her to count the characters on the card, but most of the time she just matched the number without counting.  She loves counting, but I think she got distracted by the foam numbers.   

Dramatic Play

"D" is for dollhouse.  Little Sweets loved playing with her Little People doll house.  She likes to mix all her little people together so if you are wondering that is baby Jesus sleeping in the crib. 

File Folder Game

"D" is for dog.  Little Sweets loves dogs.  I found a matching file folder game at the file folder fun website.  Little Sweets loved matching the pictures of the dogs. 


Little Sweets enjoyed making dot pictures using her bingo dot markers.  She also put dots on a letter "D" stencil that I made. 

Language Arts

We read lots of books together this week.  I picked out some Dr. Seuss books and Little Sweets really enjoyed them.  I didn't have any pictures from last week, but here are some pictures of Little Sweets looking and books from a few weeks ago. 

Bible Activity
This week we didn't do an art activity with our Bible stories.  We did continue to read a Bible story before bed and listened to Bible songs. 

Other Activities

I took Little Sweets to the splash pad near our house.  She loves running through the water.  It was really nice because all of the school aged kids are in school now so I don't have to worry about her getting run over.

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  1. Baby Jesus sleeps in our dollhouse too. He also enjoys a nice cruise on Noah's ark. LOL

    Looks like a great week! We did D last week too. Didn't go so well so we're doing it again. LOL

  2. My girl loves Dora as well. I like the counting cards!! I'll be trying them.

  3. This is still a lot of stuff for "not doing much" this week! You're amazing.