Thursday, August 8, 2013

Homeschool Classroom/Playroom

Our Homeschool Classroom/Playroom

This is our classroom/playroom.  My husband built the shelving and the bench for the room. We  got the cabinets from Lowes. We made the bench cushions out of plywood, foam, and fabric. I love it because we store the toys inside the cabinets and it adds extra seating.  I got the idea for the seating here. 
 photo e748caf6-cca6-40a4-b662-4c0d10c42188_zpsc652541a.jpg
This is where I display the girls work.  I got the idea here.
 photo 9dcb26e2-af26-44fa-8264-c22df736c8cf_zps3f999b9c.jpg
 photo f003d0b9-ba0b-4e68-aae0-a94dfdbb0c3c_zpsa612b20f.jpg
Little Peanuts Tot Trays
 photo 313cee71-8443-448f-917e-33e79069e7e8_zpsa3b7af85.jpg
Little Sweets Workboxes 
We just started using these.  I love them because they keep me organized and are easy to store. I put the items Little Sweets needs to do for each subject in the boxes.  Here is a great tutorial if you want to learn more about workboxes.
(These are scrapbooking storage boxes. I bought 4 for about $15.00.  They were on sale and I used my homeschool teacher discount.  I got them from Michaels.) 
 photo 89fb2d76-280e-4bad-a24e-9b76efbe01b6_zpsc9a545b9.jpg

Storage Closet in the Classroom

 photo 251239ce-3f67-42ac-8590-d0696ff6f02b_zps6b732728.jpg
Storage in the Garage.
I know it looks messy, but I know where everything belongs.  : )
 photo b23834f3-8a79-4df3-976d-026f3bb4c97f_zps5b2562b3.jpg

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up to Hip Homeschool Moms classroom discussion. Your room is just beautiful, so clean and organized! I love to being able to see how other moms "do" homeschool! Thank you for sharing!!