Monday, April 9, 2012

Plant Unit Part 1

Preschool Plant Unit

Little Sweet has really showed an interest in plants.  She was so excited to see the flowers blooming and the leaves on the trees.  I thought it would be fun to do a unit on plants.  My mom also thought we needed to start a garden so she bought Little Sweets these great crayola plant starter kits. 

Little Sweets is planting the tomato seeds in the soil. 

She is watering the seeds. 

A few weeks later our tomato plants looked like this.  This is amazing because I do not have a green thumb and all ten plants look like this.

Little Sweets used unifix cubes to measure how tall this plant is.   

She is helping daddy build a bed for tomato plants.  Hopefully, I will show the planted tomato plants in the bed in another post.   We just haven't planted them in it yet.

I wrote a song about plants on our white board and Little Sweets circled and read the high frequency words.  I wish I took a picture of the enitre board after she was done, but I only have a picture of what she circled in the first sentence.  I also drew pictures to go with the words she didn't know and she did a great job singing the song.  

Here is one of Little Sweets journal entries.  I am encouraging her to use invented spelling. 

This was an interactive writing activity.  Little Sweets dictated a sentence about plants.  I wrote the words she didn't know and she wrote the words she knew.  I also encouraged her to draw a picture that matched the words.  She labeled the rain with my help.  I encouraged her to write the sounds she heard.  She wrote "ran."   I helped her out by adding the i and explaining that it changes the sound of the letter "a." 

We took a field trip to the Botanical Gardens.

We also took a field trip to the strawberry patch. 

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